Femme au miroir

Fer, forgé, soudé 1937 Discover the work

Tête en profondeur

1930 Discover the work

Monsieur Cactus

Août 1939 Discover the work

Danseuse échevelée

Circa 1935 Discover the work

Masque d'adolescent

Circa 1929-1930 Discover the work

Welcome to the official website of the Spanish artist Julio González (1876-1942). Artisan metal-worker, painter and skilled draftsman, González sets himself apart as one of the most innovative artists of the 20th century through his iron sculpture. By breaking the boundaries between artistic and industrial practices, Gonzalez is the first to “draw in space” with iron, integrating space as a constructive element in his compositions.

This site is maintained by Julio González Administration, the entity entrusted with the universal rights to González’s work. The Administration’s mission is to diffuse and promote not only González’s work and legacy, but also that of his daughter, the painter Roberta González (1909-1976) and his brother, Joan González (1868-1908).