Julio & Roberta González at the Musée Zervos, July 13-Nov. 15, 2024

The exposition “Julio González : L’évidence de la vérité, le dessin dans l’espace” opens at the Musée Zervos (Vézelay, Bourgogne) on July 13 (through November 15, 2024).

This innovative exhibition retraces the relationship between Julio and Roberta González with Christian and Yvonne Zervos, emblematic figures of the Parisian avant-garde, and their prestigious revue and gallery “Cahiers d’art”. The show displays how Julio González’s revolutionary sculpture was promoted by “Cahiers d’art”, alongside other works by the “Spanish School of Paris”, including artists like Francisco Bores, Pancho Cossio, Ismael Gonzalez de la Serna, Luis Fernandez and of course, Pablo Picasso.

A gallery is also dedicated to Roberta González’s production, which retraces her evolution from cubo-surrealist painting, influenced by her father, to her dynamic and colorful personal paintings of the late 1950s and 1960s. The exhibition places a special focus on the artistic and personal ties between Roberta and the Zervos’s, particularly Yvonne. Works displayed include a series of portraits of Yvonne executed by Roberta during a stay in their home in Vézelay in summer 1952.

The exhibition reiterates Julio and Roberta González’s place within the Parisian avant-garde.