Femme au miroir

Fer, forgé, soudé 1921 Discover the work

Tête en profondeur

1930 Discover the work

Monsieur Cactus

Août 1939 Discover the work

Danseuse échevelée

Circa 1935 Discover the work

Masque d'adolescent

Circa 1929-1930 Discover the work

The artist

Julio Gonzalez, Man of Iron. A painter, sculptor and architect of form and light, Julio González (1876-1942) figures among the greatest artist of his time: Braque, Miro, Mondrian and of course  Picasso, his friend and alter ego in painting, with whom he will explore form and materials. Barcelonan by birth, Parisian by heart and adoption, González was this "truly astounding artist, endowed with a dazzling imagination," who casts, hammers and sculpts iron and copper, gold, bronze and silver. A master at the peak of his art, celebrated by the greatest - evidenced by his exhibitions in the major art galleries of the first half of the 20th century -, Julio Gonzalez, uncompromising artist, has never forgotten the values and demands of working with his hands. With his sculptures - The Montserrat, Woman with mirror Head ..., he revived the age of iron, born thousands of years ago and reinvented in his expert hands. For this goldsmith of art, "sculptor of the void," space becomes a material just as much as the material itself. His sculptures are made of iron and cast space ... Sculptor, designer and painter, Julio González is a complete artist, as demanding of himself as of his audience. "Each, with his abilities, must try to raise himself up to the level of the work of art. This must be insisted upon, even many times. That's what I have often done ..." His works - pastels and watercolors, gouaches, paintings, and of course his sculptures - stand as a testament to the commitment of this immense artist, this man, simple and modest, "to fertile exploration."