Julio Gonzalez, National Treasure

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National treasures are subject to a temporary refusal to leave the country as per a “refusal certificate” in accordance with the amended law n°92-1477 of December 31, 1992.

To date, more than 30 major works are concerned by this measure, including “Tête en profondeur” (Head in depth) by Julio González, declared National Treasure in 2003.

National Treasure

National treasures are cultural objects that  have a major interest to the national heritage regarding history, art or archeology. They have been subjected to a temporary refusal to exit the country through a "refusal certificate in accordance with the amended law No 92-1477 of December 31th 1992. archeology, have been subject to a temporary refusal to exit the country through a "refusal certificate" in accordance with the law n°92-1477. To date, more than 30 major works were concerned by these measures, including "Tête en profondeur" (Head in depth) by Julio González.