Julio González’s Jewelry

Initiated early-on to decorative metal-work, the family business, Julio González creates his first pieces at a young age. These pieces, which can be qualified as works in their own right, are a good exercise in the style in which the artist excels. From his earliest Parisian exhibitions (salon d'Automne), and through the 1920s, cast objects, jewelry, and paintings are displayed together. Julio González strives to present himself as a painter, sculptor and goldsmith-jeweler. The Gonzalez Family even opens a Parisian boutique in 1915, called "GONZALEZ - Jewelry. Works of art,"located on Boulevard Raspail. These very original jewelry pieces, created over the course of many years, hold a special place in his work. These compositions, rendered in the diverse materials (silver, bronze, iron enamel, precious stones, gold), sometimes resemble "mini sculptures".

Techniques illustrées :

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