MASKS – 1912/1914

When Julio González settles in France in 1905 it forms part of the artists Montparnasse, the outcome of a family of orfèvres recognized...some of which works have éte analysée primées Spain...Traditionally It control perfectly this technique of precision: ciseler copper, money the Bronze Age. In 1912, the artist carries out its first masks metal postponed, copper or money. The first is a head children, but this is, for Julio González after drawing a new approach to achieve his or her family and friends portaits of the purchaser. Mask, and Profile maiden are presented at the autumn in 1913. From that time, Julio Gonzalez leaves the style naturaliste objects forgés for a more traditional style and his first in the form of sculptures... The rough material yet leaves room for face smooth, barely marked, ymunit closed... the approach is very traditional style primitif. The technique is highly complex and binding. It puts forward more in her art, more details appear...nose, introduction of hair, details...Masks dated 1914 are pursuing a very combined. First World War Interrupts the conduct of the Salon autumn and Independent, Julio González to change course in a period or classicisme is less relevant.

Illustrated techniques  :

Jewellery / Goldsmithing