Vierge en douleur (virgin in pain)


Marie therese (marie therese)

1940 -1941

La porte ouverte (the open door)

1930 -1935

La lettre (the letter)

1925 -1930

Les pommes (the apples)


Nature morte (still-life)


Femme au fichu (woman with headscarf)

1925 -1930

Paysanne au fichu (farmer with headscarf)

1925 -1926

Buste de femme (woman’s bust)


Jeune femme (young woman)


Paysanne (farmer)


La femme aux trois plis (woman with three pleats)

1923 -1928

Les deux paysannes (the two farmers)

1920 -1925

Visage au fichu (face with headscarf)

1920 -1930

Paysans (farmers)

1920 -1925

Le vase de soucis (the vase of troubles)

1920 -1925

The selection of works that you will discover is of course not exhaustive. The website aims to highlight the representative pieces of the work of Julio González. The choice of various categories such as Jewelry, the silverware, paintings or drawing books, invite you to discover the diversity of his work. The whole work consists of 250 sculptures, more than 4000 drawings, 200 paintings and about 150 jewelery and silverware.