TÊte montserrat criant – montserrat ii. montserrat head yelling -montserrat ii.


Figure abstraite – abstract face


Main droite levÉe n°1- right hand up n°1


TÊte grise/ dite masque plat de marie-thÉrÈse (grey head/ called marie-thÉrÈse’s flat mask)

1941 -1942

Portrait de marie-thÉrÈse ii – portrait of marie-thÉrÈse ii    

1941 -1942

Masque couchÉ dit “le religieux” – lying mask called “the religious”

1941 -1942

Portrait de marie-thÉrÈse de trois quarts – portrait of marie-thÉrÈse partially turned away

1941 -1949

Petite montserrat effrayÉe – little scared montserrat

1941 -1942

Portrait de marie-thÉrÈse i – portrait of marie-thÉrÈse i

1941 -1942

ElÉment de figure – element of face


Madame cactus – l’homme cactus ii – miss cactus -cactus man ii

1939 -1940

Monsieur cactus – homme cactus i – mister cactus – cactus man i


Masque montserrat criant – mask montserrat yelling

1938 -1939

Forme rigide – rigid form


Main aux piquants – hand with prickles


Les deux mains – the two hands

1937 -1938

The selection of works that you will discover is of course not exhaustive. The website aims to highlight the representative pieces of the work of Julio González. The choice of various categories such as Jewelry, the silverware, paintings or drawing books, invite you to discover the diversity of his work. The whole work consists of 250 sculptures, more than 4000 drawings, 200 paintings and about 150 jewelery and silverware.